I am Jonash Oropeza Durano, 25 years old, residing in Cebu City Philippines. Professionally, I have wide experience in teaching and training. Having earned three Professional Licenses (Professional Teacher, Registered Psychometrician and Registered Guidance Counselor. Part-time, I have been teaching in the academe for 5 years, handling subjects in Psychology (General and Psychometrics) and Social Orientation for students. Fill-time, I handled Psychological Testing in one of the Universities here. It allows me to understand and appreciate the diversity of student personality.
I treat travelling not as an escape but a as culmination of life. I have traveled to places from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Most of my travels are a mix of Professional Learning and Leisure. When I travel for Professional learning, I make sure I discover new places. While when I am in leisure I  make it a point that I learn something new from travelling.